sniper is a Python asynchronous restful web framework base on asyncio.

asyncio is a Python standard library new in Python 3.4 which provides infrastructure for writing concurrent code and asynchronous network servers.


sniper support Python >= 3.5.

sniper should run on any operating system, but it has been fully tested only on Linux.


pip install sniper

Hello world

Here is a simple "Hello world" example web app for sniper:

from import Application
from sniper.responses import Response
from sniper.url import url

def hello_world(request):
    return Response('Hello world!\n')

if __name__ == '__main__':
    app = Application(
            url(r'^/$', hello_world),


Source code can be found on Github.

Feature requests, bug reports and other issues can be raised on the GitHub issue tracker.

Pull requests can be sent on the Github pull requests.